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About Us

Hi there, my name is Chrissie and I'm the creator of Beastie Beds UK. I currently have 4 naughty ferrets, 2 fluffy (but not cuddly) chinchillas, 7 elderly Degus and 3 dogs. In the past I have bred and shown rats, guinea pigs and hamsters, and kept mice, gerbils, rabbits and lots more ferrets. I grew up surrounded by animals as my mum worked and showed dogs and owned a gorgeous little pet shop that I helped with throughout my teenage years so it's no wonder I am so animal mad! 

I went on to qualify as a veterinary nurse and then I completed a degree in Zoology. I have since obtained a 2nd degree in Radiotherapy and currently work treating cancer patients, however I will always have my crazy love of all things Beastie and I cannot be without my furry little family. 

I began making hammocks, beds and toys for my ferrets and discovered that not only was I good at this, but that I found it incredibly therapeutic. I have since opened a very successful Etsy shop and have been swept along in a happy stream of orders from truly lovely customers from all over the world. I love designing, creating and making new items (and ordering even more new fabric eek) for Beastie Beds, and even more the reward of seeing your photos of your gorgeous pets enjoying my creations is truly overwhelming. I focus on making strong, long lasting items made out of good quality fabric, sewn securely with a strong industrial sewing machine.

I now work part time at the hospital and this has enabled me to devote much more time to Beastie Beds. I am constantly adding new items, designs and fabrics (and sewing machines - sorry Hubby) so be sure to follow me on social media for updates @beastiebedsuk.