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Very popular.

I brought this bed for my black cat, Vesper, who liked to hide in my room but had no where to sleep. I ordered the bed, got it super quick and it became an instant hit with not only Vesper, but her two sisters and brother (who stole the catnip cushion).
Highly recommended. Lovely quality and the blanket was a lovely touch. Thank you!

Repeat Order

We all adore these hammocks. We have now bought 4 and rotate these for our two girl rats. They love the different options of sleeping together or apart on the top or bottom of the double hammock. My daughter loves choosing the fabrics and I love the ease of switching and washing them. We love these and will continue to repeat order as these needs replacing. Highly recommend.

Lovely pee pads

Great quality thick comfortable pee pads for my piggies. I have bought quite a few in the past and very happy with them. Sweet patterns too.


First off I've had my eye on these for a while. Lots of fun and super well made. Secondly, I don't know how they keep the costs so low. You might think they're a tad expensive but they are massive and each square is double thick so they can play inside the playmat too, and then there's the skill involved. There's no corners cut with quality so they really are superb value for money. They are very well made, and I will be comfortable using these for all my ferrets, including my baby kits when they start opening their eyes and exploring


Absolutely lovely and amazing quality. Thank you.

Great quality products

I have ordered from Beastie Bed’s before and the items far out last any I have had from other places. The quality is excellent, they wash well and withstand the test of time and use. I will be using Beastie Bed’s for all of of cosy items from now on. My animals also prefer items from here and always take to them straight away. Thank you


Such fabulous quality as always. Just fantastic. Would not go anywhere else. The choice to be able to order a bespoke item is amazing.
Thanks you once again.

Great for Chinchillas

Ordered this for my 3 rescue chinchillas. Really pleased with it and they haven't managed to destroy it yet so that's always a plus!

Corner Hammock for Rats, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Mice, and Guinea Pigs

Cannot rate highly enough

Fantastic quality so well made and beautiful designs. Posted fast and a really lovely person

Chinchilla cube

Fabulous design, chillies love it, fits 2 easily. Bought few items now from Beastie always great products

Quality hammocks

This is my 2nd purchase from beatie beds. I was so pleased the first time I ordered another so that I can alternate them when 1 goes in the wash

Chinchilla hammock

Beautifully made, brilliant designs to choose from my chins love them

Great hammocks

Hammocks are very well made with nice fabric and they can be washed in the washing machine. Great item!

Great hammocks

The hammocks are excellent quality and look very cute!

Amazing quality for such a good price

My piggies love the beastie beds. The last ones I ordered were even better quality than the first 2! Keep it up guys and I’ll have to keep ordering more. I recommend you to every piggie owner I meet!

Review of large hammock for rats

So happy with my hammock's so well made with quality materials, lovely choice of colours/patterns
and a great size for my boys..they love snuggling inside!

Fantastic products!

Excellent quality products. My piggies loved their cuddle cup so much I ordered a second one! I also love the range of colours and patterns available so you can tailor them to fit your cage theme. Would highly recommend and buy again :-)

Amazing Items!

My piggies love their hay bag, fleece cubes and hammocks. The quality of all of the items are absolutely brilliant and my Guinea pigs love curling up in the cubes and sleeping. I can’t recommend enough!

The Mouse House! Mini Cube Bed for mice & hamsters
Well-made and very cute!

This is a great product - the quality is good and it comes with 2 extra pee pads. Good size for my dwarf hamster. Would definitely recommend to any hamster owners.

Fabulous 2nd chinchilla bed

Hi thanks so much for our lovely new bed for Dusty the chinchilla, in fairness she loves her galaxy cube so much, but is seen sprawled out in there at times loving her best life x


Chew proof hammock, study, well made, my boy likes this. I'd already gone through two hammocks before finding beastie beds. My future purchases and recommendations will be to Beastie beds

Beastie beds

Nicely made products. I ordered 3 Hammocks for my son's ferrets and i am very impressed with the quality and care given to each individual order and with useful washing instructions. The service given is excellent.
Many thanks

Great Products!!

Very happy with BeastieBeds UK. My rats love their hammocks and they look super cosy tucked up inside. Great communication from the seller and fantastic quality products. This will
Be my go to place for cosy items for my fur babies. Thank you 😊